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    CSC A/C & Heating is a locally owned and operated small family oriented business dedicated to servicing Hammond La. and the surrounding parishes with personalized quality service when you need it most.

    We keep our normal hours of operation from 7am to 7pm Monday through Friday and from 7am to 3pm on weekends because we know you work too. We know that many times you won't know you have a heating or cooling problem until everyone else has closed shop for the day and you yourself have come home to relax. That means we can offer you our daily affordable pricing and services 12 hours a day without those after hours rate hikes some other companies charge after 3pm. We even offer 24 hour, day or night emergency services at reasonable prices. We will discuss the issue and try to gather as much information from you to make an educated decision together of what is best for you and the probability that we will have the parts or capability to fix the unit before showing up and offering you a bill for a service call that doesn't leave you comfortable in your home.

    Our goal is to provide our community with affordable quality products and services to keep your home or office comfortable.

    The CSC Difference.

    At CSC, we do things a little different than some of the others.

    We start off by knocking $5 off of the $30 standard price of our condenser cleaning fee if we use YOUR water hose that is located at or near the condenser. We pay you to keep ours on the truck. If your condenser could just use a quick rinse without the need for chemical cleaners for light dust and debris and you just happen to have a hose sitting there, well we will generally just give it a good spray down as a courtesy to you at no charge.

    We record and file all of your equipment model and serial numbers, services and parts replaced with any photo's taken for our and your records. This helps us visually remember your particular system and unit configuration in case you ever call with questions or problems later to ensure more accurate estimates and/or over phone diagnostic possibilities if you call after hours. We will gladly send you a digital copy of your complete file if you ever want or need them for your own records or insurance.

    We won't just connect our gauges to your air conditioner and determine if you need more refrigerant based on blind pressure readings. We inspect your indoor unit first to determine that any readings we may find outside aren't being manipulated by dirty filters, coils, or ice which will artificially cause low suction pressure and poor performance. This is all good, responsible practice before ever adding refrigerant. Likewise, a clogged or moderately dirty outdoor condenser coil will artificially raise refrigerant pressures. If a tech attempts to sell you refrigerant without examining all of the above the results can be costly by over charging the unit which can result in unneeded refrigerant costs and even compressor damage.

    At CSC the inspection is included in our diagnostic fee. IF we determine your coils should be cleaned before adjusting refrigerant, we also provide pictures of your coils so you yourself can actually see what we see, not just take our word for it. We all like to see what and why we are being sold a product or service. If we clean your system you even get the before and after pictures to see how we did so you know you are getting what you paid for! If after our evaluation you decline any recommended services, well we leave that completely to your discretion without any pushy pitches from us.

    Our cleanings.

    You won't find CSC selling you a basic $50 in place indoor coil cleaning with some lemon scented 32oz 'no rinse' aerosol can cleaner that only marginally cleans the surface of a coil and doesn't provide the liquid volume nor the concentrated power to meaningfully deep clean a coil. On average we will use a full gallon or more of solution followed by a clean water rinse to ensure proper cleaning through and through.